A little bit about us
What we do
Heart print on our tote bags

Hello! Thanks for stopping by, it's nice to get to know a little bit about each other. We are a small family-run business trying our best to make it easy for you to create meaningful and beautiful personalised tote bags with the help of our online tool and handy design elements.

Our customers enjoy designing bags as gifts for loved ones (when simply nothing else will do) or for themselves as a fun way to express their style. Small businesses take advantage of our 'no minimum order quantities' to affordably offer beautiful bespoke bags to their clients. We really believe that anyone can create something meaningful - you don't need to be a designer and you don't need to pay the earth!

Why we do it

We're all about tote bags, we love their simplicity and practicality. A bag for all seasons that suits all occasions. And probably the only bag you own that can be washed and squashed until the cows come home.

But it's not just about the bag is it? You don't wear your favourite t-shirt over and over again because you love the fit (okay sometimes you do), but it's usually the design you totally dig. Totes are the same, find a great design and you can take it anywhere and everywhere with you AND still get to change your outfit :)

Our online tool is packed with a library of useful design elements to help you create a design for your tote bag that is meaningful and special, to you or a friend (and you'll have fun doing so!).

We also have a small selection of popular pre-made designs, most of which can also be personalised if you get that creative block. Just choose your bag, we print and ship for free. Yipee!